Counselling In Liverpool

A professional counsellor is experienced in reflecting and listening to what is being said, without judging and advising. Most of the time having someone to talk to in confidence about your problem and being listened to in a supportive and non judgemental way can help in many ways.

The aims of counselling is to talk through your troubles in confidence, to understand things from your point of view, help to reach a clearer understanding and explore resources so that can deal with difficult situations.

Sometimes life events may leave you confused, anxious, angry or sad. Counselling helps to resolve those conflicting issues.

Counselling involves looking for ways to make things better. This provides an opportunity for you to choose alternative ways of thinking about problems, put things into perspective and discover a more creative way forward.

Sometimes it is the belief in a problem and thinking constantly about it that can intensify negative feelings and we then feel we can’t change and resolve it.

Analysing how the problem started and why it exists can be worthwhile, for example, a painful event in the present could have started in the past, without the connection being realised.

When we are feeling low or depressed, sometimes we may need to talk to someone. Talking freely about things that are troubling you can be a tremendous relief. Clients often find that talking to a professional counsellor is very helpful and supportive.

Counselling is a good and safe way to explore your concerns, issues and feelings; to find the cause of your problems related to the past or present and resolve them. Counselling is suitable if you are experiencing difficult situations in life and offers support and guidance and help finding a way to move forward.

Counselling provides you with a private and confidential place with space to explore and talk about your problems, emotions and feelings in a way that offers you the opportunity to view them from a different sense of perspective.

Friends and relatives – even with the best of intentions, may well have their own agendas and be making judgment’s about your circumstances, based on their own perspective of a situation. People think, feel and react in different ways and by integrating different counselling methods can result in positive change in their lives. Below are some of the approaches that a counsellor may use.

Person Centred Counselling offers a non-judgemental therapeutic relationship between client and counsellor, in which the client can explore what they need and want, and how they can achieve their goals.

Psychodynamic Counselling works by bringing unconscious processes and emotions into consciousness; there is an emphasis on the influence of the past and on recurring patterns of behaviours and relationships.

Counselling helps you:

• through a crisis period
• deal with relationship problems
• resolve conflicts
• build your confidence and self esteem
• change self-defeating negative emotions

I offer caring and professional help for the treatment of emotional and psychological discomfort through a combination of hypnotherapy and counselling.

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As an antidote to the challenges of everyday life, Crosby Hypnotherapy offers professional hypnotherapy and counselling.