Making an Appointment

If you would like to arrange an appointment call on 0800 035 2708. Or fill out the form and we will contact you shortly.

Sessions are by appointment only.

Consulting hours:

Crosby Hypnotherapy is open from: 9.00am – 4.00pm Tuesday to Friday.
Occasionally, Saturday’s are sometimes available.

All consultations and therapy are completely confidential.

Tony offers a free 30 minute consultation to talk over your situation in a relaxed atmosphere.

For more information or to book your FREE 30 minute consultation where you can ask any questions, contact me today.

Tony provides confidential hypnotherapy in a professional and non-judgemental environment, which allows you to resolve and change negative thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

The type of therapy required is the one that is best suited to the individual personality, issues and symptoms of the client.

A course of treatment will then be suggested, depending on your situation.

All consultations and therapy are completely confidential.


Practice Address:
Crosby Hypnotherapy & Counselling
88 Rodney Street,
Liverpool L1 9AR

Phone: 0800 035 2708

Alternatively, you can email