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As an antidote to the challenges of everyday life, Crosby Hypnotherapy offers professional hypnotherapy and counselling.

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Tony offers a free initial consultation. This usually lasts for 30 minutes and is an opportunity to find out more about hypnotherapy and your hypnotherapist.

Tony McClements established Crosby Hypnotherapy 16 years ago and has treated over 7000 clients. It is very likely that Tony has the experience and skills to help you overcome your problem. He brings a friendly, results-focused approach for any problem where psychological or emotional factors are involved.

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      Q and A

      What is Hypnosis?

      Hypnosis is a natural state of mind, for example: when you are absorbed reading a good book, whilst listening to a favourite song, can you remember where you were, what you were doing and who you were with when you first heard it? Have you ever been so involved with a task that you have lost track of time? These are everyday examples of hypnosis.

      During hypnosis you are relaxed, aware of what’s going on and in control. You cannot be made to do anything that is against your moral or ethical values.There is no such thing as a hypnotised feeling. Everyone will experience hypnosis slightly differently, but all describe it as comfortable and relaxing.

      The BMA acknowledged the usefulness of Hypnosis for pain control, insomnia and other conditions as long ago as 1892. Hypnotherapy was recognised as a valid therapeutic treatment by the British Medical Association in 1955.

      What is Hypnotherapy?

      Hypnotherapy is a combination of psychotherapy and hypnosis. Hypnosis alone is unlikely to affect any change in a persons symptom or behaviour; it is merely a tool to allow a client to relax, focus and to become more open and receptive to change. There are two distinct types of therapy: Suggestion Therapy and Analytical Therapy.

      Who may benefit from hypnotherapy?

      The simple answer to this question is virtually everyone! Given that hypnotherapy can be utilised to access a person’s inner potential and that probably no one is performing to their actual potential, then the answer is literally true.

      What does a hypnotherapy treatment involve?

      A typical session lasts between 45 minutes and 1 hour.

      I will discuss the number of sessions needed to deal with your issues and I will explain to you what is happening on a conscious and sub-conscious level. This will help you to gain insight to your issues, as well as a greater understanding of the problems.

      We will spend the first part of the session talking and during the second part I will guide you into a relaxed state of hypnosis, or focused awareness. When your body and mind are relaxed and receptive it enables change to occur. I work with the subconscious part of your mind, which is the part that needs to make any changes, as it is the part that deals with automatic behaviour and is the part that allows the unwanted issues to be present.

      Hypnotherapy is an effective, safe treatment for a great many issues. Afterwards, typically people feel more in control, calmer, re-energised, refreshed, optimistic and more resilient to stress.

      Are there any side effects?

      The only side effect is you may find you have less stress in your life!

      Hypnotherapy is all about the client regaining control in their life. During sessions we will focus on helping you to achieve the change you want, applying the most useful psychological methods.

      Will I be aware of what is happening?

      Yes, you are aware of everything that is being said by the therapist and can converse freely. Hypnosis is just a feeling of deep relaxation so you will always be aware of what is happening.

      Can I speak during hypnosis?

      With analytical hypnotherapy you will be encouraged to do so.

      Do you offer guarantees?

      No responsible hypnotherapist would offer a guarantee of ‘cure’ as this would be unethical. What I do guarantee is that I will bring all my knowledge and expertise to help you with your problem and I will always have your best interests at heart.

      How many sessions will I need?

      During the initial consultation the most appropriate treatment for you as an individual will be discussed.

      For behavioural changes, confidence boosting, habits, etc. in most cases only one session of suggestion therapy and a CD is needed.

      The more ‘deep rooted’ complex problems will require analytical therapy. This requires between four and eight sessions at weekly intervals, however, Depression can take eight or more sessions depending on its severity. Most of our personality is moulded during childhood, negative experiences can leave behind material that make people behave in a certain way. As a result, the person might develop symptoms such as general anxiety, phobias, social anxiety, unexplained nervousness, etc.

      I offer caring and professional help for the treatment of emotional and psychological discomfort through a combination of hypnotherapy and hypnoanalysis.

      Make the Life changes you desire

      Most of our habits or circumstances that make us unhappy, are the result of thought and belief systems that are counter productive to our desires. Hypnotherapy can help the client to understand their own reactions in order to help them be more in control of their own lives. Hypnotherapy is a great way to make changes in your attitudes that will, ultimately, affect your actions and behaviour.

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      I offer caring and professional help for the treatment of emotional and psychological discomfort through a combination of hypnotherapy and hypnoanalysis.

      My sincere passion is working with my clients to assist them in achieving positive change for good.

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