What is Clinical Hypnotherapy?
Hypnotherapy can be a very powerful way of helping you get more of what you do want and help stop you doing you don’t want*. It’s a relaxing and safe process that most clients find quite enjoyable. It involves being placed into a light, medium or deep trance that allows us to work with your unconscious mind to create and suggest new outcomes for you e.g. stopping smoking / being more confident etc.

Not all hypnosis is done with your eyes shut. In fact, the majority of treatments are done with your eyes fully open and it appears as if you are just having a conversation. You hear everything during a trance and are always in control.

Your unconscious mind is considered to be the most amazing computer known to man. It’s the part of your mind where automatic habits behaviours are located. And most of what we do is automatic e.g. are you thinking about how to read this sentence? Of course not, you’re just reading it unconsciously.

Your unconscious has many roles such as storing memories, providing you with motivation & guiding your beliefs. You use your unconscious mind for everyday skills such as driving & talking. It’s also where our habits, (good and bad) come from e.g. people who bite their nails don’t think about it, they just do it. The part that is ‘doing it,’ is the unconscious.

The unconscious also keeps us safe. In the likes of say anxiety, a phobia or any of the treatments we provide, an experience or an event/s takes place which means our behaviour e.g scared of wanting to go on a plane, is directly at odds with what we want i.e. going on a holiday. That’s why Clinical Hypnotherapy can be so powerful; because it is possible to learn new skills giving to provide you behaviours e.g. being calm, not anxious*.

Most of us find consciously changing our behaviour, very hard. You cannot consciously control your unconscious mind. Think of someone wanting not to be anxious before a presentation. Often times, they will focus on ‘not being anxious’, which makes them think of being anxious and the whole cycle of anxiety begins. Clinical Hypnotherapy can help you stop that by working directly with you consciously and most importantly, unconsciously*. Or take the person who’s quit smoking only to start again after their first glass of wine. The part of your mind that ‘makes’ you do the behaviour is your unconscious.

There are two kind of Clinical Hypnotherapy:

Conversational hypnotherapy – This is where change take place with a using hypnotic language, which doesn’t require formal trance
Trance based hypnotherapy – This is where clients experience a light / medium / deep trance. Different trances are used for different treatments
Both are used to communicate directly with your unconscious mind in order to help you get the outcome you want. Being in a trance is very relaxing & feels like the stage between being awake and falling asleep*.